1. Cliffs of Dooneen (Traditional)
"None can compare with the cliffs of Dooneen." Speaks of the beauty of western Ireland. I'm sure the Irish Tourist Board likes this one.

2. Bridget O'MalIey (Traditional)
Rich Moore's work on the fiddle is worth the price of admission. I've read that this tune originated in County Donegal hundreds of years ago. The story describes a
young, broken-hearted man's plea for Bridget to come back to him.  . I don't think she goes for it.

3. The Voyage (Johnny Duhan)
This beautiful song was penned by a Limerick songwriter about the adventures of marriage. This is one of mine and Marlea's favorites. By the way, thanks to the crew: Brendan, Danny, John, and Mary Kate.

4. Sweet Peggy O (Michael Gallagher)
This song was written for Peggy Flaherty, in honor of her 90th birthday. I had a lot of inspiration since my mom was also named Peggy.

5. Valley of Tears (Michael Gallagher)
I wrote this song based loosely on the Salve Regina, the prayer which is recited at the end of the Rosary.

6. Down By The Glenside
(Peadar Kearney 1883-1942)
Also known as The Bold Fenian Men, written by Peadar Kearney, who wrote the Irish National Anthem and is an uncle of Brendan Behan.

7. Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
(Robert Burns 1759-1796; Music: M. Gallagher)
I composed the music to this beautiful poem by Scotland's bard and then found out that a lot of other people have done the same. Well, here's my rendition.

8. Raglin Road
(Patrick Kavanaugh, 1905-1969; Traditional Air)
One of Ireland's great poets, Patrick Kavanaugh, was known to some as a mystic. The traditional melody is called The Dawning of The Day.

9. The King Qf Love My Shepherd Is
(H.W. Baker 1821-1877; Traditional Air)
This is Henry Baker's inspirational interpretation of the twenty-third psalm.  The melody is attributed to Saint Columba (better known in Ireland as Saint Columcille), so we're talking old.

10. Land of the Leal
(Lady Caroline Nairn, 1766-1845; Traditional Air)
Lady Nairn wrote about a husband saying his earthly good-byes to his wife, Jean.   In this song, the land of the leal means heaven. This is my feeble attempt to sing in the language of Old Scots.

11. Saint Patrick's Breastplate (Michael Gallagher)
Patrick's Lorica, or spiritual breastplate, is the armor Patrick wore daily, heeding St. Paul's advice to "put on Christ". The lyrics are part of the famous prayer attributed to Ireland's patron. I thank Mike Polan for the translation and Sue Moore for her soulful playing of the oboe.

12. When It's All Been Said And Done (Jim Cowan)
Jim Cowan is a very gifted songwriter and musician from nearby Steubenville, Ohio. This song says it all.


1. Cliffs of Dooneen
2. Bridget O'Malley
3. The Voyage *
4. Sweet Peggy O
5. Valley of Tears
6. Down By the Glenside
7. Flow Gently, Sweet Afton                  8. Raglin Road                                     9. The King of Love                              10. Land of The Leal
11. Saint Patrick’s Breastplate                12. When It’s All Been Said and Done**                                               
All Selections Zephyr Winds Music/BMI except
*Walton’s Music and **Integrity’s Hosanna! Music

Recorded at Albey Road Studios; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Produced by
Al Snyder and Mike Gallagher

Blessed by the saints and preserved by the scholars, Ireland’s heritage comes alive with tunes that weave a spell of spiritual harmonies,
blended in a rare mix of traditional and original songs. 

Michael is a troubadour of the goodness of life and introduces us to friends like Saint Columba, Saint Patrick and the mystical Paddy Kavanaugh. 

The passion, the history, the faith, the tradition is all here, brilliantly wrapped in a handful of songs you’ll play again and again. 

You need not be a saint to believe, nor a scholar to understand. 

You need only to listen.

-- Ray Werner

Cover Art and Design: Tabitha Lieb