Allegheny (Mike Gallagher)
Brendan's Song (Mike Gallagher)
Mary of the Waters (Mike Gallagher)
Moments of Gentleness
(Mike Gallagher)
Those Eyes (Denny Driscoll)

Oh Lordie (Denny Driscoll)
Peggy Gordon (Traditional)

Little Beggarman (Traditional)
Sometimes (Mike Gallagher)
I'm Gone (Mike Gallagher)
Goin' Home
(Mike Gallagher & Dan Gallagher)

Thinner then . . . Better Hats Now. 
Mike, Jeff Tremblay, Dennis Driscoll and Rex Burk
in the studio mastering Allegheny. . . Home

Mike Gallagher
12 string and lead vocals; 6 string acoustic guitars on Allegheny, I'm Gone, Little Beggarman, Goin' Home.

Nina Mascio
Piano  (Allegheny, Brendan's Song, Mary of the Waters, Moments of Gentleness); String ensemble (Brendan's Song, Mary of the Waters, Sometimes, Peggy Gordon); Flute (Mary of the Waters, Moments of Gentleness, Those Eyes); Alto sax (Those Eyes)

Bob Colwell
Electric guitar (Allegheny, Brendan's Song, Mary of the Waters, Those Eyes, I’m Gone, Oh Lordie);
6 string acoustic guitars (Mary of the Waters, Sometimes)

Bill Bryant
5-string banjo (Allegheny, Oh Lordie, I'm Gone,  Little Beggarman)

Barney McEIhone
Fiddle and mandolin (Little Beggarman)

Matt Barranti
Electric lead guitars (Oh Lordie, Those Eyes)

Denny Driscoll
Tin whistle (Peggy Gordon)

John Louch
All bass.

Jeff Tremblay
AII drums and percussion

Mary Keber
Additional vocals (Allegheny, Mary of the Waters, I'm Gone)

Dan Gallagher
Additional vocals (Allegheny, Oh Lordie)

John Gallagher, Pat Gallagher, Mary Keber, Katie Gallagher, Dan Gallagher, Molly Kuntz, Betsy Limberg
Additional vocals (Goin' Home).

Cover Illustration by Ron Mahoney

Produced by Mike Gallagher
Associate Producers:  Dennis Driscoll, Jeff Tremblay
Engineer:  Rex Burk

Recorded/Mixed at Jeree Recording Studios, New Brighton, Pennsylvania

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